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Welcome to Fleet Street Hardware, your go-to destination for a wide range of test and measurement products. Whether you need clamp meters, multimeters, or any other testing equipment, we have it in stock. The list below showcases just a glimpse of the product categories we offer in the Test & Measure section. Visit our shop to explore the extensive variety of products we stock.

Test & Measure Products:

  • Clamp Meters: Measure electrical currents accurately and conveniently with our high-quality clamp meters.
  • Electrical Testers: Ensure safety and efficiency in electrical systems with our reliable electrical testers.
  • High-Voltage Testers: Safely test high-voltage circuits and equipment with our specialized high-voltage testers.
  • Multimeter: Discover versatile multimeters for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and more.
  • Specialty Testers: Find specialized testers for specific applications, catering to various testing needs.
  • Indicators: Monitor and display measurements with precision using our indicators and displays.
  • Magnetic Hanger: Easily suspend and position your testing equipment with our magnetic hangers.
  • Calipers: Accurately measure dimensions and distances with our precise and user-friendly calipers.
  • Flow Meters: Monitor and measure the flow of liquids or gases with our reliable flow meters.
  • Tachometers: Measure rotational speed and count revolutions per minute (RPM) with our efficient tachometers.
  • Stroboscopes: Observe and analyze fast-moving objects or vibrations with our advanced stroboscopes.