Products Details

Looking for top-quality painting and decorating products? Look no further! Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, Fleet Street Hardware has you covered. Our extensive inventory includes roller tray sets, paint brushes, paint removers, and much more. The list below offers just a glimpse of the product categories we stock in painting and decorating. Visit our shop to explore the full variety of products available.

Painting & Decorating Products:

  • Brushes and brush sets: Choose from a wide selection of brushes and brush sets for all your painting needs.
  • Roller tray sets: Make painting a breeze with our convenient roller tray sets, designed for efficient paint application.
  • Extension poles: Easily reach high areas with our sturdy extension poles, perfect for ceilings and walls.
  • Spray systems: Achieve professional-looking finishes with our high-quality spray systems.
  • Mastic guns: Ensure precise application of sealants and adhesives with our reliable mastic guns.
  • Various tapes: Find a range of tapes, including masking tapes and painter’s tapes, for clean and crisp paint lines.
  • White spirit/thinners: Clean up and thin down paints with our high-grade white spirit and thinners.
  • Paint removers: Strip away old paint layers with our effective paint removers, facilitating surface preparation.
  • Tarpaulins: Protect surfaces and furniture with our durable and waterproof tarpaulins.
  • Correx: Shield floors and walls during painting projects with our sturdy Correx sheets.
  • Builders bags, refuse & rubble sacks: Dispose of waste efficiently with our strong builders bags, refuse sacks, and rubble sacks.
  • Various work wear: Stay comfortable and protected with our range of workwear, including coveralls, gloves, and masks.

Please note that the categories listed above represent only a small sample of the painting and decorating products we stock. Visit our shop today to explore the full range of products and witness the variety of high-quality options available. Trust Fleet Street Hardware to provide you with the perfect painting and decorating products to achieve professional results.